NARRATOR & PRESENTER  Claudio Consuegra
CONSULTANTS Aritina Barbulescu, Elida Oncea
PRODUCER Hope Discovery
ILLUSTRATOR Serban Gabriel
Augustin Cosmin Pop / POPIXAR STUDIO
CAMERA Daniel Scripcariu
EDITING Liviu Dumitras
MUSIC Mihai Pitan, David Bateman
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SOUND DESIGN Valentin Bogdan, Laurentiu Bugan
SPECIAL THANKS Andreea Paun, Irina Anghel, Florin Ghetu, Aritina Barbulescu, Cristian Magura, Cristina Cuncea, Mihai Bolonyi, Costin Banica, Petrica Cristescu, AnaMaria Lupu, Dorin Aiteanu
SCREENWRITER Aritina Barbulescu
DIRECTOR Attila Peli



I was extremely restless and full of undefined emotions… I was walking down the hallway in front of the waiting room. I remembered all the advice given to the mother-to-be, all the fearful smiles of the last weeks of pregnancy and the first groans of the early labor.
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I don’t know about others, but in my case, the feelings of fear… … and helplessness… and the need of protection… … come back when that small wonder, who has brought so much joy into our lives, turns from angel to terror, making me ask again: Is this how it should be ? Why don’t kids come with an user manual ? Or… How come I didn’t get a well-behaved child ?! I am terrified of what will happen when he grows up. By the way… has anyone found the user’s manual???

Hi. I am Claudio Consuegra and I’ve been through that roller coaster of emotions when my son was born. What I can tell you is that the beauty of a child’s existence in your life and the education you receive only by having the responsibility to raise it, are clearly superior to these feelings of helplessness and sometimes of dread. But let’s get back to my need for a user manual.

How should I explain it to be easier to understand?… There is not a single, identical handbook applicable to all children, as automobiles do not have an identical user’s manual, even when they belong to the same manufacturer and even less when they are different brands.

Similarly, depending on family, culture, economic or educational status, children are different and some situations require different approaches, different styles… in other words, an important degree of adaptability.

However, despite the fact that each child has specific characteristics, each child has the same basic principles of functioning, both physiological and psycho-emotional. Thus, as the role of any science is to identify the principles and laws we operate in, this discipline also has the role of helping us understand what are the common elements of every child, and how we need to react in the difficult situations that arise in any parent-child relationship.

It is only after we manage to properly understand and treat what is fundamentally identical in the behavior of every child, that we have a chance to identify those particularities that require personalized attitude and behavior.

In fact, that’s exactly what I propose in the series I’ve prepared for you. I invite you on the next few occasions to identify some of the standard behaviors and the solutions you have to help harmoniously develop the miracle you have been entrusted with. For, at the end of the day, this is your responsibility; and Your efforts will be rewarded!


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